About us


Summer day camp of the Educational center "Leader" at  Sheepshead Bay area will work from June, 27 till August 31, 2018.

The day-long summer camp and the Educational center "Leader" are created by the same team that develops and manages the well-known international summer camp "Leader" in the Catskills Mountains of the upstate New York for more than 14 years. A team of experienced professionals led by the founder and director of the camp Ruslan Khaliullin made the international camp "Leader" well-known not only in the States, but also abroad.

This team of experienced professional staff will make your child's stay in the summer camp "Leader" quality, interesting and developing!

There are several things that make summer camp "Leader" unique :

- Individual educational work with each child. Very often children do not know how to communicate properly with each other, how to create friendly relations and support them. Many children do not know how to find a way out of conflict or simply ambiguous situations that can happen in any company. This ignorance can lead in the future to psychological problems and depression. Thanks to the efforts of high-class teachers of the day camp "Leader", children learn to be more communicative, friendly, they begin to understand that friendly relations can be built only on mutual respect. This pedagogical work causes a huge positive resonance from the parents.

- Experienced and trained staff. Only experienced teachers work in the day camp "Leader", and they will make your child's holiday unforgettable.


Mission of the day camp "Leader". The mission of the camp consists of four parts:

1. To make the vacations healthy, developing, qualitative and exciting. Children will get a good rest, but also will rise to the higher, different level of development and will get new knowledge and skills!

2. To enable children to improve their knowledge of languages, first of all Russian and English, and also to learn other languages, like Chinese and Spanish.

3. To develop children's skills of independent life, accustom them to responsibility, develop their leadership skills and teach them how to make independent decisions, as well as find real friends in the camp!

4. To teach children a healthy lifestyle.